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Roy Gluckman

Tagline: Diversity Transformation

Keynote Topics

This particular presentation offers the participants an opportunity to engage with some of the most contentious issues that underpin the South African social fabric.

The next phase in organisational transformation requires businesses to move further away from IQ & EQ and to work to DQ, what Roy calls the ‘Diversity Quotient’. There is strength and richness in diversity which remains misunderstood and untapped in corporate South Africa, resulting in inefficient and ineffective transformation programs.

Key touch points for the two presentations above include:

  • What is Social Transformation? The Constitutional perspective
  • Human dignity and the death penalty contextualized
  • The true meaning of equality
  • What is Affirmative Action & B-BBEE and is it still relevant?
  • Is race still important?
  • Bridging the social divide

The exponential growth in technology has created a divide between the social and business behaviours of past generations and our current organisations. How are we able to reconcile the illusive Gen-Y employees’ work ethic with that of previous generations?

Key touch points for the above keynote include:

  • What are the major differences between the generations?
  • Tools on working with Gen-Y’s from a Gen-Y perspective
  • Tools on understanding the business environment for Gen-Y’s
  • Tips on business behaviour changes to create a sustainable environment for Gen-Y graduates and employees.

Travels From:

  • Johannesburg

Fee Range:

  • Fee Range: 35,001 - 50,000

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Roy Gluckman is a 30 year old white male, qualified attorney of The High Court of South Africa and a lecturer of the law who offers hard-hitting motivational and educational presentation combining research, real-world examples and an empathetic delivery to convey an incredibly memorable presentation. Roy Gluckman believes in conveying a message that is real […]

Roy Gluckman is a 30 year old white male, qualified attorney of The High Court of South Africa and a lecturer of the law who offers hard-hitting motivational and educational presentation combining research, real-world examples and an empathetic delivery to convey an incredibly memorable presentation.

Roy Gluckman believes in conveying a message that is real and relevant to all South Africans. A country with diverse demographic and social-economic issues, our new Mzansi has begun to show the cracks of our divided past; a poor social education, the understanding of our fellow countrymen, given our history, being the main cause thereof.

In replacement of the fear, lack of communication and the misunderstanding of cultures, Roy Gluckman offers a solutions-based program calling for empathy; inspiring others to better understand each other by engaging our differences, as opposed to ignoring them.

Roy Gluckman | Diversity Transformation


Roy Gluckman offers two workshops as add-ons or standalone offerings to the presentations listed above. Each workshop pulls from the education and insight presented in the seminars above and expands on the issues raised. The workshops are solutions and outcome-based programs.

Social Innovation Breeds Commercial Innovation (Diversity & Transformation)

Social innovation through effective transformation programs, breeds commercial innovation. Broader diversity fosters better research, stronger ideas and greater commercial insights. This workshop provides guidance and facilitation in the establishment of an inclusive social organisation as a foundation for commercial innovation and profitability.

This workshop highlights the commercial imperative of meaningful transformation within an organisation; that embracing a diverse workforce, diverse ideas and opinion, is in fact profitable, not only to the organisation’s bottom line, but to the richness of the organisation’s culture.

To realize this commercial profitability of meaningful transformation, however, transformation for the social structure and interpersonal relationships within an organisation, need first to be established.

It is the strength in the grassroots interpersonal relationships which drive the commercial profitability of transformation.

Gen-Why? – The Workshop (Understanding the Millennial Force)

There is much scholarship on the rise of the Gen-Y workforce and current business behaviours they seem to clash with. Poor retention and poor attitudes seem to mar the reputation of the Gen-Y group, a highly educated, super sophisticated and intelligent generation.

This Roy Gluckman workshop aims at harmonising the expectations of the Gen-Y employees with the established business practices of the organisations.

This workshop works from both the top-down, management to Gen-Y’s, and bottom up, Gen-Y’s to management, in helping to educate both groups whilst aligning goals and visions for a united workforce.

The key to finding such alignment is not in the ‘management’ of the Gen-Y’s, in a top-down fashion, but in the synchronising of business practices and attitudes of the Gen-Y’s and older management.

This Roy Gluckman workshop endeavours to strike a balance or comprise between the expectations of both groups in order to create a healthy, sustainable and profitable business environment.

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