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When marketing in a digital world we need make the most of each moment of truth.

Moments of trust are any point at which your customer interacts with your business.

Over the past few years business has found that there are four moments of truth that matter in building a great consumer experience that promotes the sale of your products and services.

Through his book, Humancentric, Mike Saunders has presented to the world a new way of building businesses in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Hooked on Tech
This digital economy is an enigma. People and business have been grappling with its potential for years.

Whether we are trying to understand product development in a digital world or parenting in an app-crazy household – we have to admit that the digital economy is one of the most mysterious, enticing and scary economies we have ever had to navigate.


Strong online personal branding is key to getting noticed and building more influence in your career and personal life.

Your online personal brand is one of the most valuable assets you can control. No matter what you’re trying to achieve in life, your personal brand can help you achieve it.

The Five Year Mark is a collection of personal stories and lessons that Mike has learnt while building his business to the five year and million-dollar mark.

Mike Saunders shares anecdotes in a personal “over a cup of coffee” style that breaks down personal barriers thanks to is a uniquely raw and honest approach.

Entrepreneurship, Motivation


Content plans definitely have their place in the eco-system of a social media strategy, however, for many it’s become the single essence of their online presence and this is concerning.

Content plans push us towards distribution thinking.

Mike Saunders is able to deliver any of his presentations via virtual conferencing tools. He’s equipped with high volume fibre lines to ensure a strong connection to your platforms.

He has presented in virtual conferences to audiences in multiple locations at the same time and has been able to keep everyone engaged.

Pre-recorded Presentations

A more professional looking and secure virtual conference package.

A recorded, customised video of a presentation will bring a unique presentation into your conference without any concern of webinar dropping in the middle of the delivery.


Innovation is the heartbeat of an organisation, helping to breathe life and longevity into what you do as well as contribute meaningfully to performance.

Whether you’re innovating on your core business model to diversify profit streams or adding new products to an existing lineup, innovation is a complex undertaking that organisations invest in and embark on.

The internet is a wonderful place where brands can build a relationship with their customers and build brand love.

It’s also a place where brands have been damaged by customer feedback, boycotts and hate speech.


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Mike Saunders is an international keynote speaker, digital thought leader and author. His keynotes focus on how people and business can succeed in a digital world. Mike brings over 10 years experience in digital business and customer experience. A love of technology and a heart for people have been the fuel behind Mike Saunders’ entrepreneurial […]

Mike Saunders is an international keynote speaker, digital thought leader and author. His keynotes focus on how people and business can succeed in a digital world.

Mike brings over 10 years experience in digital business and customer experience.

A love of technology and a heart for people have been the fuel behind Mike Saunders’ entrepreneurial journey.

He has a unique ability to lead business with a crystal-clear leadership philosophy that encompasses “unlocking potential”, “nurturing trust” and “developing narrative.”

Mike was recognized on the list of “Top Global Digital Marketing Experts & Influencers in 2019 You Should be Following.”

Acknowledged by his peers in 2012, as one of the Top 20 South Africans to follow on Twitter.

Mike was awarded Special Honours at the New Generation Awards for his contribution to the industry. Over the last few years,

Mike Saunders has won the respect of business by his determined approach to helping people navigate a diverse and complicated world of Digital Business.

As an international keynote speaker, Mike is able to engage his audience in an interactive, personal and energizing manner by drawing on his life experiences and personal stories. Mike speaks with authority from over 10 years’ experience in the digital industry.

He leaves delegates captivated and inspired about the potential in both technology and people.

Mike Saunders has had the privilege of working with some of the most prestigious organisations in the world including Vodafone, Bidvest, Santam, IBM, Toyota, Norton Rose and Exxaro.

Mike Saunders | Authentic Digital Marketing


Mike Saunders prepares custom presentations for his clients. He speaks on topics that relate to the point where people and technology meet. The list below shows some of his most requested presentations.

Love Your Work

Have you fallen out of love with the work you do? You’re not the only one.

Did you know that only 13% of people feel happy in their jobs?

With the amount of time, we spend at work and the time we invest in our jobs, we should be able to find and do work that excites and inspires us.

However, with the invention of artificial intelligence, people will soon be faced with the challenge of finding truly meaningful work.


Virtual Presenter

  • Virtual Presentations
  • Creative ways to connect with your audience in a virtual conference

You lay the chairs out in your venue in a boardroom style or u-shape or banquet because it creates different learning dynamics in the room.

Yet we still present content in the same way. What if you could change the way you deliver presentations to your audience.

Mike Saunders has developed a series of virtual products to break past the boundaries of conferences to create bespoke virtual experiences that are as engaging as being in the room. All of these products are also available to create hybrid experiences, turning your conference into a place where people and technology meet.

Live Broadcast

Move up from the webinar experience. With live broadcasts, we can deliver high quality and engaging presentations.

Think of it like this – its the television experience compared to the skype experience. We’re able to style our shows to match the aesthetic of your venue, do scene changes (indoor and outdoor) and live interactions with your audience.

Virtual Workshops

Mike makes use of video conferencing and smart virtual whiteboarding to create virtual workshop experiences. They actively enable your teams to ideate and unlock their potential.

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