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Dr Adriana Marais

Tagline: Theoretical Physicist

Speaker Highlights

  • Dr. Adriana Marais: Renowned theoretical physicist, technologist, and aspiring extraterrestrial.
  • Multidisciplinary Expertise: Holds a Ph.D. in quantum biology, blending theoretical physics with cutting-edge technology.
  • Inspirational Speaker: Known for captivating audiences with engaging storytelling and infectious enthusiasm.
  • Thought Leader: Offers visionary insights into the future of humanity’s presence in space exploration.
  • Event Impact: Elevates the quality and relevance of events with thought-provoking discussions on existential questions and scientific advancements.
  • Speakers Inc. Partnership: Access world-class speakers and expert event planning support for seamless event execution.

Keynote Topics

From winning first prize at the local Science Expo for her project ‘Martian City‘ at age 13, in 2015, Adriana was selected as one of 100 international astronaut candidates with the Mars One Project.

When the startup declared bankruptcy in 2019, she founded Proudly Human. She has recently visited some of the harshest and most remote locations on Earth, from deserts in Africa and the Middle East, all the way to Antarctica, on location scouts for Proudly Human’s Off-World Project.

The Project is a series of off-grid habitation experiments in the most extreme environments on the planet, in preparation for life on the Moon, Mars and beyond, as well as a sustainable future here on Earth.

Proudly Human is currently preparing to secure a major broadcaster for the documentary series to accompany the experiments, ‘Mission: OFF-WORLD’.

She has given hundreds of talks to audiences on all seven continents of this planet, in settings from corporates to ashrams to TEDx events, been featured in media interviews and panel discussions around the world, as well as in documentaries including AOL’s ‘Citizen Mars’, and CNN’s ‘Africa’s Space Race’.

She is currently completing a book ‘Mission Off-World: The Allure of the Unknown’, describing how through technological advancement and an evolved perspective of reality and our place in it, expanding beyond Earth will enable us to become better stewards of our home planet and equip us for the beginning of our journey into the stars.

Travels From:

  • Johannesburg

Fee Range:

  • Fee Range: 50,000 - 75,000



Video 1

Dr. Adriana Marais stands at the frontier of human exploration, both on Earth and beyond. As a theoretical physicist and technologist, she illuminates the pathways to our cosmic future with a blend of scientific rigor and unbridled curiosity. Her journey, driven by a profound belief in the potential of humanity, has taken her to the […]

Dr. Adriana Marais stands at the frontier of human exploration, both on Earth and beyond. As a theoretical physicist and technologist, she illuminates the pathways to our cosmic future with a blend of scientific rigor and unbridled curiosity. Her journey, driven by a profound belief in the potential of humanity, has taken her to the precipice of possibility, where the realms of theoretical physics intersect with the boundless expanse of space exploration. Dr. Marais is not merely a scholar of the cosmos but an impassioned advocate for the expansion of human consciousness and civilization into the stars.

Dr Adriana Marais | Motivational

Expertise and Background

With a foundation in theoretical physics, Dr. Adriana Marais has delved deep into the mysteries of the universe, exploring the fundamental principles that govern its existence. Her research, spanning topics from quantum mechanics to cosmology, has earned her recognition as a leading mind in the field. Yet, her expertise extends beyond the confines of academia; as a technologist, she bridges the gap between theory and application, envisioning the technologies that will propel humanity towards its extraterrestrial destiny.

Adriana Marais speaking influence extends far beyond the lecture hall. Her dynamic presence and compelling narrative have captivated audiences around the globe, inspiring a new generation of thinkers and innovators to reach for the stars. Whether discussing the theoretical underpinnings of interstellar travel or the practical challenges of establishing colonies on other planets, she brings a unique blend of insight, passion, and optimism to every speaking engagement. From prestigious scientific conferences to TED talks and corporate events, Adriana Marais voice resonates with clarity and purpose, igniting imaginations and sparking conversations that transcend boundaries.

At the heart of Dr. Adriana Marais message lies a profound vision of human potential. She believes that we are living at a pivotal moment in the history of our species, where the convergence of technological advancement and cosmic exploration offers unprecedented opportunities for growth and discovery. By sharing her own journey – from the laboratories of academia to the frontiers of space exploration – she empowers others to embrace the unknown, to question the limits of what is possible, and to dare to dream of a future among the stars.

Why Dr. Adriana Marais Should Be Booked by Event Planners

Event planners seeking to inspire and engage their audiences need look no further than Dr. Adriana Marais. With her unique blend of expertise, passion, and charisma, she delivers presentations that leave a lasting impact on attendees. Whether addressing a room of seasoned scientists or a diverse audience of laypersons, she has a rare ability to distill complex concepts into accessible insights, fostering understanding and curiosity in equal measure.

Beyond her credentials as a scientist and technologist, Dr. Adriana Marais brings a depth of personal experience to her presentations that resonates with audiences on a profound level. Her own journey – from humble beginnings in South Africa to the forefront of global exploration – serves as a powerful testament to the human spirit’s capacity for resilience, determination, and boundless curiosity. By sharing her story with honesty and vulnerability, she creates an atmosphere of authenticity and connection that transcends the boundaries of culture, age, and background.

Moreover, Dr. Marais’s message is not merely one of intellectual curiosity but of tangible hope for the future. In an era defined by uncertainty and upheaval, her vision of humanity’s potential to transcend its earthly confines and explore new horizons offers a beacon of optimism and inspiration. By inviting Dr. Adriana Marais to speak at their events, planners have the opportunity to ignite the imaginations of their attendees, sparking conversations and collaborations that have the potential to shape the course of human history.

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Summary and Conclusion

In Dr. Adriana Marais, event planners find not only a distinguished scientist and captivating speaker but a visionary guide to the future of humanity. Through her presentations, she challenges audiences to imagine a world beyond the confines of Earth, where the boundless expanse of space beckons with promise and possibility. With her unique blend of expertise, passion, and authenticity, she inspires others to join her on this journey of exploration and discovery, forging connections that transcend borders and generations.

For event planners seeking to inspire and engage their audiences, Speakers Inc offers a comprehensive solution, providing access to a curated selection of world-class speakers, thought leaders, and industry experts. With a focus on professionalism, integrity, and personalized service, Speakers Inc simplifies the process of securing top-tier talent for events of all sizes and scopes, ensuring that planners can deliver unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact on attendees.

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