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Damien Mander

Tagline: Wildlife Conservation

Speaker Highlights

  • Australian Defence Force and Clearance Diver Training: Overcame rigorous training to become a Clearance Diver, emphasizing physical and mental resilience.
  • Special Operations Sniper: Served in an elite counter-terrorism unit post-September 11, developing strategic thinking and situational awareness.
  • Founder of IAPF: Transitioned to wildlife conservation, founding the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, showcasing adaptability and a commitment to global causes.
  • Influential Speaker: Delivers engaging talks across sectors, connecting with audiences through compelling storytelling and real-world insights, inspiring change and action.

Keynote Topics

How giving up everything, and breaking away from societies’ expectation can set you free to fulfil your true destiny


From 12 tours of Iraq and travel through more than 60 countries, Damien can recount numerous tales, lessons and methods to overcome many obstacles that life can throw at you

Conquering a fear of failure to graduate through some of the world’s most arduous military selection phases can only come with the acceptance of mistakes along the way. Some fatal. These are the school fees of life, not failure

If you chose not to follow anyone’s dreams but your own, it will require two things above all else: The belief that your concept is different and can effect change and the refusal to give up on making it reach its full potential.

The ability to operate a multinational organisation across three continents, with multiple cultures, languages and often in a hostile environment is not an online lesson or something university can prepare us

Travels From:

  • Harare

Fee Range:

  • Fee Range: 50,000 - 75,000


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Damien Mander has lived an extraordinary life for his 37 years. From humble beginnings as a garbage collector in Melbourne, he transformed his future by joining the Australian Defence Force at 19. Through sheer determination and resilience, Damien graduated from one of the military’s most arduous courses, becoming a Clearance Diver. This early achievement set […]

Damien Mander has lived an extraordinary life for his 37 years. From humble beginnings as a garbage collector in Melbourne, he transformed his future by joining the Australian Defence Force at 19. Through sheer determination and resilience, Damien graduated from one of the military’s most arduous courses, becoming a Clearance Diver. This early achievement set the stage for a life dedicated to service, discipline, and excellence.

Following the tragic events of September 11, Damien’s path took a new and challenging direction. He became a Special Operations Sniper in an elite counter-terrorism unit, where his skills and bravery were tested in some of the most intense environments imaginable. His experiences in this role shaped his perspective on global security and personal responsibility, lessons he now shares with audiences worldwide.

Damien’s journey continued as he transitioned into the role of a mercenary, deploying to Iraq. Among his many responsibilities, he Project Managed the Iraq Special Police Training Academy, overseeing paramilitary training and the deployment of troops. His leadership in this capacity highlighted his ability to adapt and excel in high-pressure situations, making him a sought-after speaker on topics ranging from military strategy to leadership under duress.

Damien Mander | Wildlife Conservation

Expertise and Background

Damien Mander’s expertise is vast and multifaceted, rooted in his diverse experiences across military and paramilitary roles. His early career as a Clearance Diver in the Australian Defence Force honed his physical and mental resilience, skills that would become crucial in his later roles. The rigorous training and discipline required for this position are central themes in his talks, emphasizing the importance of preparation and perseverance in achieving success.

As a Special Operations Sniper in an elite counter-terrorism unit, Damien’s responsibilities extended beyond marksmanship. He was involved in planning and executing high-stakes missions, often requiring split-second decisions under extreme pressure. This role developed his strategic thinking and situational awareness, skills he now translates into powerful messages on leadership and decision-making in his speaking engagements.

Damien’s time in Iraq as a mercenary and Project Manager at the Iraq Special Police Training Academy provided him with a unique perspective on international security and crisis management. He was responsible for overseeing the training and deployment of paramilitary forces, a role that demanded exceptional leadership and organizational skills. His firsthand experiences in conflict zones offer invaluable insights into the complexities of modern warfare and the human capacity for resilience.

Beyond his military accomplishments, Damien is a passionate advocate for wildlife conservation. He founded the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF), leveraging his skills and experiences to combat wildlife crime. This transition from military to conservation highlights his adaptability and commitment to making a positive impact on the world. In his talks, he draws parallels between military operations and conservation efforts, inspiring audiences to think creatively about problem-solving and leadership.

Damien’s influence as a speaker extends across various sectors, from corporate leadership and team-building to environmental sustainability and global security. His ability to connect with diverse audiences through compelling storytelling and actionable insights makes him a highly effective and engaging speaker. He brings a unique blend of real-world experience and visionary thinking, challenging audiences to reimagine their approach to leadership and responsibility.

Reasons to Book Damien Mander

Event planners seeking a speaker who can captivate and inspire their audience will find Damien Mander an exceptional choice. His life story alone is a testament to the power of resilience, adaptability, and dedication. Damien’s presentations are not just about his experiences; they are about the lessons and insights that can be drawn from them, applicable to any field or endeavor.

Damien’s unique background allows him to speak on a wide range of topics, making him versatile for various event themes. Whether the focus is on leadership, security, conservation, or personal development, Damien delivers messages that resonate deeply with his audience. His ability to tailor his talks to the specific needs and interests of the audience ensures a memorable and impactful experience.

Moreover, Damien’s authenticity and passion shine through in every presentation. He speaks from the heart, sharing not just his successes but also his challenges and failures. This genuine approach helps to build a strong connection with the audience, fostering an environment of trust and openness. Event planners can be confident that Damien will leave a lasting impression, inspiring attendees to take action and make a difference in their own lives and communities.

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Summary and Conclusion

Damien Mander’s life and career exemplify extraordinary dedication, adaptability, and impact. From his early days as a garbage collector to his distinguished military service and his transformative work in wildlife conservation, Damien’s journey is a source of inspiration and learning. His ability to translate his diverse experiences into powerful messages makes him a highly sought-after speaker.

In summary, Damien Mander is not just a speaker but a catalyst for change, encouraging audiences to embrace resilience, leadership, and innovation. Event planners looking for a speaker who can deliver compelling, impactful, and actionable insights will find Damien to be an exceptional choice. Through platforms like WeSpeak Global, securing such top-tier talent has never been easier.

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