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Tramayne Monaghan CAs(SA)

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Speaking on what it means to be human in the age of extreme technology and connectivity.

“Tramayne is someone who can add value and who is a transformational leader.”

Tramayne Monaghan is able to share his knowledge and experience with others in an authentic manner.

And he is a great speaker who effortlessly holds the attention of delegates, from young students to serious business leaders.

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Tramayne Monaghan helps his teammates grow by keeping them accountable and by connecting them to the best people, the most challenging questions and the highest synergy collaborations at the very best time. I am a Dynamic, Cross-Functional, and Result-Driven Chief Operations Officer who is always looking to be challenged and to challenge others. Thinking outside […]

Tramayne Monaghan helps his teammates grow by keeping them accountable and by connecting them to the best people, the most challenging questions and the highest synergy collaborations at the very best time.

I am a Dynamic, Cross-Functional, and Result-Driven Chief Operations Officer who is always looking to be challenged and to challenge others. Thinking outside the box, driving solutions, and bringing out creative and imaginative thinking is what motivates me.

I always strives to work harder to achieve the impossible. Solving problems with innovative ideas is both my eternal passion and profession.

Currently, he is working as a Chief Operations Officer at Tencent Africa, where he is playing a vital role in the company’s success by harnessing the power of both his professional and intellectual skills.

Besides that, he holds several years of versatile experience as an Acting CEO and being a part of the C-suite across Finance, Operations and Innovation where he delivered exceptional performances for prestigious organizations.

Tramayne Monaghan loves balancing creative minds with the need to produce results. He possesses excellent communication, management, IRFS, auditing, internal controls, strategic planning, business development and intelligence, time and risk management, business strategy, innovation, finance, public speaking, leading, technology, coaching, digitization, team management and leadership, attention to detail, Microsoft office suite, pressure handling, interpersonal, organizational, negotiation, decision making, and problem-solving skills with an ability to encompass solutions to a domain of different real-world problems.

Tramayne Monaghan CAs(SA) | Dynamic Innovation

At 26 years old, Tramayne Monaghan was the youngest divisional CFO for Tencent. He has spoken at global conferences and is a mentor to three digital businesses: Broadley Speaking, African Secret and TurnUp Music. He has launched and run various consumer mobile products such as WeChat, WeChat Wallet, VOOV, JOOX and PUBG Mobile and has assisted Naspers’ COVID-19 responses in South Africa.

Tramayne Monaghan believes in the antithesis of the traditional CA. The brand he has built for himself is one he hopes young CAs(SA) will take up − the new CA is courageous and ethical, analytical and creative. He has spoken at numerous global conferences about this new age of work and the new digital world.

Tramayne’s goal has always been to use his platform and the company he works for as a springboard to do good. He has been a part of numerous bursary campaigns through the brands he represents: VOOV, JOOX and PUBG Mobile. Education is important to him, so he drives this narrative internally.

He drives an internal culture of leadership growth through an internal accelerated leadership plan that includes mentorship and learning. This plan was a product of his desire to open minds to new ways of thinking, but also to allow Tencent staff members to go on their own unique and individualised leadership journeys.

Tramayne Monaghan devised the plan and implemented it with a business coach they have brought in to run it. ‘I believe humans need to grow. I am outspoken on development areas for high performances including meditation, breathing techniques and owning your power,’ says Tramayne.

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