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Tlou Mathatho

  • Johannesburg
  • Fee Range: 35,001 - 50,000

Tagline: Motivational Speaker

Tlou Mathatho is a professional motivational speaker with more than 19 years of public speaking experience. Having started public speaking at the age of 14 in high school, his public speaking skills positioned him to be able to convey his message to his audience in a more practical and thought provoking way. With an inborn […]

Tlou Mathatho is a professional motivational speaker with more than 19 years of public speaking experience.

Having started public speaking at the age of 14 in high school, his public speaking skills positioned him to be able to convey his message to his audience in a more practical and thought provoking way.

With an inborn public speaking gift and years of corporate experience , Tlou Mathatho is not only able to touch on business related topics , he is also able to provide motivation to people who need direction concerning key life decisions that they need to make.

When dealing with business related topics Tlou Mathatho draws from his own experience as an entrepreneur who has had to navigate through an ever changing business environment.

Tlou Mathatho | Motivational Speaker

This makes him one of the most relevant, and practical speakers.

Tlou  has been featured on various shows that have positioned him to speak to millions of people at any given time via mass media.

Radio stations that have hosted Tlou Mathatho include: Jozi FM, Radio Pulpit, Tetha FM, Thobel FM and Radio Alpha, with the later having given him a slot for a complete leadership programme. These platforms where part of what assisted Tlou to sharpen his speaking skills.

Apart from radio Tlou Mathatho featured on DSTV channel 331 where he spoke to the entire continent of Africa on relevant life issues.

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Keynote Topics

The success of leadership is based on the leader’s ability to develop like-minded people that have the unique ability to produce results. Furthermore many companies struggle after the leader leaves or pass away.

Which is why reproducing yourself as a leader becomes the most ideal way to resolve the succession problem and help your organization to stay profitable.

The key benefit of reproducing yourself as a leader is that the baton is passed on to somebody who is already in tune with company systems, processes and corporate culture.

One of the greatest business leaders: Jack Welch, joined General electric in 1960 as a junior engineer and went on to become its CEO in 1980, growing its market value from $ 12 billion to $ 280 billion.

Having been acquainted with the systems, brands and the culture of General Electric Tlou Mathatho knew which changes to make to get the business where he aspire to take it.


  • The company will always have somebody that understands it corporate culture.
  • You will also have somebody that has a passion for the company and its products or services.
  • Helps to facilitate the process of adaptation of systems to match current market trends.

In this fast paced economic environment, and changing consumption patterns , one of the most important resources that can keep the company relevant and gaining momentum is the knowledge and the skills of its own people. 

What shapes and cultivate corporate culture which is the driving force and the DNA of your organization is people. The capacity of your  people will make or break you organization.

It is high time that companies recognise that the quality of your labour is what determines the position of your business on the market.  Companies never grow beyond the capacity it has in the form of labour to take them to the next level.

It is therefore key for businesses to invest in developing its people to maximise their potential to position  to compete in fast paced economies.

The following are key simple steps from Tlou Mathatho that will allow you to develop people in your organization to stay competitive

  • Attract and retain people who have the potential and the skills you need.
  • Have an aggressive system that helps you to attract talent.
  • Create an environment  that is conducive for your people to put their skills and talents to work.
  • Have monitored individual development plans for all your employees.
  • Align employee training and development with strategy.

( Doing business within a constantly changing economic  environment).

Many companies have been relegated from being market leaders to being at the backseat of business.

A great deal of them are currently not able to operate  profitably because they are unable to offer the market what is currently being demanded.

But it all comes to one thing : many companies do not want to  interrupt themselves , they would rather be interrupted by competition and the market. And many times it is too late for them to catch up.

In 1976 one of the employees at Kodak invented a digital camera, but the company was not ready to adapt at that time. Thirty years later they declared themselves insolvent.

What then should companies do to stay competitive?. The answer is ADAPT.

  • Have  foresight with insight.
  • Have a structured innovation process.
  • Have a tight innovation filtering process.
  • Value market intelligence.
  • Move to commercialization at the right time.


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