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Speakers Inc has now acquired in partnership with its sister Agency (Conference Speakers International), The Legacy Project.

At The Legacy Project, we want nothing less than to make an impact and change lives for the better. We want to deepen and widen our life-knowledge and wisdom to make sure we all leave a legacy of note!
We do this through collaborating with some of SA’s smartest, wisest, inspiring and most generous people – we call them our “change-makers”.

These are select individuals who have risen to the top of the game within their chosen profession, whatever that may be, achieving some form of “greatness” and who have been prepared to share with all of us, not only their Wisdom, Know-How and Inspiration in their Legacy profile interview, but also in many instances, are prepared to make themselves available for mentorship and internship opportunities, for speaking at our events and conferences as well as donating financially.

Extraordinary individuals are interviewed and profiled on our site The Legacy Project with quotes posted through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

We hope to inspire change and hope that you can enjoy the journey with us!

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