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Sarah Begum

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Tagline: Amazon Adventurer

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At the age of 9, Sarah Begum learned about deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest and at 21, she followed her childhood dream to embark on an adventure in the jungle where she lives with the Huaorani tribe, hunting and gathering with warriors and was initiated by the tribe as Queen and married to a warrior to create an alliance and spread the message about protecting their land from exploitation.


Sarah talks about her adventure, the Huaorani men and women’s roles in the jungles, their traditional tasks from hunting to weaving and the various species of plants and animals which play a big part in their daily lives. 

Sarah survived the ‘Murder Capital of the World’ where she was a News Anchor for a government channel turned undercover journalist to expose the injustice in the country.

She lived like a local in a dictatorship suffering from hyperinflation, high crime rates, four different exchange rates including the black market, shortage of essential products and survived the system and the streets her own tactical way.


She talks about life in Caracas for the everyday resident from the teacher to the lawyer, the student to the expat. 


Road Trip Through Native America’s 

Sarah Begum embarked on an epic road trip through 18 states in the Mid West, USA in search of Native American culture and heritage. Sarah shares stories from various Natives she met at the Pow Wow which shaped her decision to explore more.


She takes us on a journey through the USA from the bull fighters trying to make a living in the Navajo reservation, the alcoholics looking for better paid jobs to the historic Trail of Tears, which ended at Fort Gibson – one of the places Sarah was given special access to archive letters and an abandoned hospital used for the cavalry at the time.


Sarah gives us insight into the unique cultures of each of the tribes from their creation theory to their symbolic dances and the current issues they are faced with. 

  • Homecoming: Manya Tribe’s Nmayem Festival
  • A Mesopotamian Adventure
  • After Dinner Themes:
  • Culture and Arts
  • Journalism
  • Motivation and Inspiration

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Video 1

  A Fellow of the Royal Geographical, Sarah Begum is an Immersive Investigative Journalist, Anthropologist-Explorer and Public Speaker. Sarah has been exploring the world, studying tribes and different ways of life whilst investigating current affairs and making a humanitarian effort to help people along the way through her work.   In 2010, Sarah Begum travelled […]


A Fellow of the Royal Geographical, Sarah Begum is an Immersive Investigative Journalist, Anthropologist-Explorer and Public Speaker. Sarah has been exploring the world, studying tribes and different ways of life whilst investigating current affairs and making a humanitarian effort to help people along the way through her work.


In 2010, Sarah Begum travelled deep into the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, where she lived with the Huaorani tribe and immersed in their way of life, hunting with warriors, gathering with women whilst investigating into the impacts of oil exploitation on their land.

On this expedition, Sarah was made Queen and married to a warrior to create an alliance and send their message about protecting their land through her film.

Sarah Begum | Amazon Explorer

Sarah became the youngest person to make a first film in the Amazon jungle at the age of 21 with a premiere of “Amazon Souls” held at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. The film has been endorsed by rainforest charities Sky Rainforest Rescue, Rainforest Alliance, celebrity Adventurer Bear Grylls and has released on various platforms worldwide.


As a Public Speaker, Sarah Begum delivers ground breaking interesting content from her adventures around the world including documentaries, humanitarian missions, anthropological studies on indigenous tribes and surviving some of the most dangerous parts of the world.


Sarah Begum has spoken at many events and institutions from International Women’s Day, Special Forces Club, Celebrity Cruises, film festivals and educational institutions to inform, educate, entertain and inspire people about the world and various affairs associated with it through her works.


Sarah is also an Educator for Globo Edu, delivering educational classes to students in schools, colleges and universities based in the USA and Canada.



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