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Rinus le Roux was born in a small town in the North West province. This small town inspired him to develop a big game mentality and he was motivated to find my place in the world at a young age.   At age 13 he got to read a book by Richard Bach.   The […]

Rinus le Roux was born in a small town in the North West province. This small town inspired him to develop a big game mentality and he was motivated to find my place in the world at a young age.
At age 13 he got to read a book by Richard Bach.
The title of the book was Illusions. At the back of the book there was a quote that changed his life forever, ‘’here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is completed. If you are alive, it isn’t.”
He knew he came to this planet to make a difference.
He did not really fit into any mould and the only label he was willing to wear was the one of a “Thinker”.
This label came with its own challenges in a world where left brain thinking was the order of the time. His dad’s warning, ‘’don’t think too much’’ was ignored at his own peril.
After finishing school he completed a few tertiary qualifications from reputable institutions, but still he did not find his true calling and passion in life. During his time as a lecturer he found one half of his passion.
The other half he found by a continuous searching, reading, exploring on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Rinus le Roux | Inspiring Motivation

Rinus le Roux established his self mastery Institute in 1995, thereafter dedicating his life to development of world class Self Mastery concepts, programs and books.
He has written 8 books in the field of self mastery:
*Personal Greatness
*Missing pages from life’s Manual
*Step- Up
*From Successful to Meaningful
*We will be OK
*Passport to the Future
*Life has no Meaning until You Create it
*Back Yourself
Over the years Rinus le Roux has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people and enjoyed every moment.
His greatest pleasure is to part with some of the knowledge he has gained to people who wish to live meaningful lives and develop themselves.

Rinus’ services include:

*Keynote speaker
*Change management
*Development of consciousness
*Conflict resolution
*Extracting of information in individuals and groups
*Change and enhancement of culture
*Development of innovative thinking
Rinus le Roux truly enjoys working with the minds and hearts of all people. His life becomes meaningful when he gets the opportunity to show other people how great they can be.
Rinus le Roux believes that all of us came to earth to learn and grow. Sometimes he speaks and you listen, and at other times you will teach and he will learn. This is the way of life.

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