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A Global Leader in Human Transformation

Creating, Supporting & Facilitating Performance Excellence for Leaders and Teams. The world faces a ‘giant storm’ of stress and burnout that is exacerbated in the context of the recent health & economic climate.

How can leaders help themselves, their employees, and their businesses to thrive in the face of these and other challenges?

The Performance Code provides data-driven, strategic direction and execution that drives performance, results, and excellence.

Proven, Measureable, Results. – Drive team performance to meet key measurable objectives – Increase presenteeism & reduce absenteeism – Identify employee risk for stress, burn-out, and resignation – Increase employee productivity, engagement & emotional health

  • Champions ADAPT (with Lucas Radebe)
  • The Stress Code
  • Goal setting, pursuit & realisation
  • Strength in UNITY

  • Personal & team transformation
  • Intensive or extensive trainings
  • Multimodal
  • Role mastery

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  • Johannesburg

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  • Fee Range: 35,001 - 50,000



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Richard Sutton is the ultimate non-conformist and original thinker. Passionate about solutions for complex problems, his lateral thinking and ability to connect the dots has set him apart as a health and performance facilitator. Currently considered to be one of the foremost experts in his field, Richard has advised elite athletes, Olympic teams and leading […]

Richard Sutton is the ultimate non-conformist and original thinker. Passionate about solutions for complex problems, his lateral thinking and ability to connect the dots has set him apart as a health and performance facilitator.

Currently considered to be one of the foremost experts in his field, Richard has advised elite athletes, Olympic teams and leading international sporting federations. He has been a post-graduate lecturer in the areas of pain management, health and athletic development for almost two decades and currently consults to companies and CEO’s around the world on stress resilience, employee engagement as well as performance and productivity.

As an expert in his field, Richard works with CEOs, leadership teams and companies around the world in driving effective stress management, resilience promotion and performance realisation.

With more than 20 years experience in the world of professional sport, Richard has worked with top-ranked tennis players, winning Olympic teams and countless athletes, making him an industry leader in advising on performance, resilience and adaptability.

Richard Sutton | Health Performance Expert

With a special interest in the genetics of human performance,potential and resilience, Richard Sutton is the co-developer of the DNA Resilience Panel, a genetic test covering 13 of the most influential genes that are key in the area of self-mastery and personal excellence.

Richard is the author of the bestselling book The Stress Code – From Surviving to Thriving and developer of The Stress Code app, a highly innovative wellness tool designed to analyse and quantify specific stresses and resilience competencies.

Richard Sutton has a passion for science and was a post-graduate lecturer for two decades in the area of human performance, potential, pain management, health and athletic development.

His second book, Stressproof – The Game Plan, was published in 2021 and provides nuanced systems and processes for managers, leaders and decision makers facing stress and health-related challenges in the professional landscape.

Richard currently lives in Cape Town with his family, although his clients and consulting work take him all over the world.

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