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  • Co-founder of Retroviral: Mike Sharman co-founded Retroviral, a digital marketing agency that quickly gained recognition for its innovative and disruptive campaigns. Under his leadership, Retroviral became known for its viral marketing strategies, leveraging social media to create engaging and shareable content that captured the attention of audiences worldwide.
  • Expertise in Digital Marketing: With over a decade of experience in the digital marketing landscape, Mike Sharman is a seasoned expert in leveraging digital platforms to drive brand awareness, engagement, and growth. His deep understanding of consumer behavior, social media dynamics, and emerging trends has positioned him as a thought leader in the field of digital marketing.
  • Keynote Speaker: Mike Sharman is a sought-after keynote speaker known for his dynamic and engaging presentations on topics ranging from entrepreneurship and marketing to innovation and leadership. With his captivating storytelling and insightful perspectives, he inspires audiences to think differently, embrace change, and unleash their creative potential.
  • Author: Mike Sharman is the author of “The Best Dick: A Candid Account of Building a Business in the Digital Age,” a candid and humorous memoir that chronicles his entrepreneurial journey with Retroviral. Through witty anecdotes and valuable lessons learned, he offers practical advice and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the challenges of building a business in the digital age.
  • Thought Leadership: Mike Sharman is a respected voice in the marketing and entrepreneurial community, regularly sharing his insights and expertise through thought-provoking articles, podcasts, and interviews. His contributions to the industry have earned him recognition as a thought leader and influencer, inspiring others to embrace creativity, take risks, and disrupt the status quo.

Keynote Topics

Influencer marketing has taken the world by storm.

Think about the Kardashians and how anything they post to Instagram results in record sales drives for that particular product or service.

This is a tale of the antithesis of this trend; welcome to unfluencer marketing.

Mike Sharman talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format and has received more than 4,500 views since it was posted to YouTube last month.

Length: 45mins – 60mins (flexible)

B R A N D A L I S M, is the follow up to his bestselling, award-winning debut, as well as his brand new keynote.

Mike Sharman delves into the (start)ups and downs associated with brand building and the need for business to dismantle, and vandalise its perceived, public-facing, persona.

The future of PR and influence, when – or if – to launch a new business as opposed to a division, raising capital, the impact of presentations, startup school fees, and emphasis on a manifesto rather than purpose, are the aspects

Mike obsesses over in this insightful presentation, wrapped in his trademark, comedic delivery.

The co-founder of the creative, digital agency that has made more brands ‘go viral’, globally, than any other agency in Africa, Mike Sharman uses unique storytelling proposition to provide insight into 10 years of building a business from scratch, while elevating his clients to emotional, (commercial) cult status.

Length: 45mins – 60mins

#MyKreepyTeacher was Kreepy Krauly’s most successful digital marketing campaign in the brand’s history, and its most ‘viral’ campaign.

Our campaign was a branded content, news hijacking tactic – supported by traditional and digital PR methods – that 702 called ‘an astonishing piece of creative! The timing is perfect. It shows enormous courage.’

The campaign is one of the most successful PR campaigns as it was collectively viewed by two billion people, globally, and made a direct impact on Kreepy Krauly sales, in the midst of a pandemic – a 20 per cent increase year on year.

Mike Sharman keynote delves into the science of ‘going from zero to viral in 96 hours’

Length: 45mins – 60mins (flexible)

Travels From:

  • Johannesburg

Fee Range:

  • Fee Range: 35,001 - 50,000


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Mike Sharman is a visionary entrepreneur and influential figure in the world of digital marketing, renowned for his groundbreaking work in making brands ‘go viral’ globally. As the founder of Retroviral, he has spearheaded numerous campaigns that have achieved unprecedented levels of viral success, solidifying Retroviral’s position as the leading agency in Africa for viral […]

Mike Sharman is a visionary entrepreneur and influential figure in the world of digital marketing, renowned for his groundbreaking work in making brands ‘go viral’ globally. As the founder of Retroviral, he has spearheaded numerous campaigns that have achieved unprecedented levels of viral success, solidifying Retroviral’s position as the leading agency in Africa for viral marketing. With a keen understanding of digital trends and consumer behavior, Mike has consistently delivered campaigns that captivate audiences and drive significant engagement for brands across various industries.

Mike Sharman | Branding Marketing

Expertise and Background:

With a career marked by innovation and strategic prowess, Mike Sharman is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the marketing industry. Drawing from his extensive experience at the forefront of digital marketing, Mike shares insights on creating truly viral campaigns that resonate with audiences on a global scale. His expertise spans across various facets of digital marketing, including influencer marketing, content creation, and social media strategy.

Mike’s journey to success began with his recognition as one of the Mail & Guardian’s top 200 young South Africans in 2013, a testament to his early achievements and potential. As the co-founder of Webfluential.com, an influencer marketing platform boasting 40,000 users, Mike has played a pivotal role in shaping the influencer landscape and empowering brands to harness the power of authentic influencer partnerships. Additionally, his involvement in retroactive.digital, a disruptive sports storytelling agency, underscores his commitment to pushing the boundaries of marketing innovation.

In his speaking engagements, Mike draws upon his firsthand experiences and industry insights to deliver compelling presentations that inspire and educate audiences. Whether discussing the anatomy of viral campaigns or navigating the evolving digital landscape, Mike’s dynamic speaking style and depth of knowledge leave a lasting impact on event attendees, equipping them with actionable strategies to elevate their own marketing efforts.

Why Book Mike Sharman:

Event planners seeking to elevate their conferences or seminars can benefit greatly from booking Mike Sharman as a keynote speaker. With his unparalleled expertise in viral marketing and digital strategy, Mike brings a unique perspective that resonates with audiences across industries. His engaging speaking style and relatable anecdotes make complex marketing concepts accessible to both novice marketers and seasoned professionals alike, fostering an environment of learning and inspiration.

Furthermore, Mike’s track record of success speaks for itself, with a portfolio of viral campaigns that have garnered international acclaim. By inviting Mike to speak at their events, planners can provide attendees with valuable insights and actionable takeaways that can drive real results for their businesses. From unlocking the secrets of viral content to navigating the ever-changing digital landscape, Mike equips audiences with the tools they need to stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

Why Use Speakers Inc:

Event planners can trust Speakers Inc to connect them with top-tier speakers like Mike Sharman who bring unparalleled expertise and credibility to their events. With a curated roster of industry leaders and thought provokers, Speakers Inc ensures that clients receive access to speakers who not only deliver compelling presentations but also align with the specific objectives and themes of their events. From initial consultation to seamless event execution, Speakers Inc provides comprehensive support every step of the way, allowing planners to focus on creating unforgettable experiences for their attendees.

Summary and Conclusion:

In summary, Mike Sharman stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the digital marketing landscape, with a proven track record of making brands ‘go viral’ globally. His expertise in crafting viral campaigns and navigating the digital sphere has earned him accolades and recognition as a top influencer in the industry. As a speaker, Mike captivates audiences with his dynamic presentations and actionable insights, leaving a lasting impression on event attendees.

For event planners seeking to elevate their conferences or seminars, booking Mike Sharman through Speakers Inc offers a unique opportunity to engage audiences with cutting-edge marketing strategies and industry trends. With Speakers Inc’s unparalleled expertise in speaker management and event planning, planners can trust that their events will be in capable hands from start to finish. By leveraging the expertise of speakers like Mike Sharman, event planners can create memorable experiences that inspire, educate, and empower attendees to take their businesses to new heights.

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