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Lorna Mlonzi

Tagline: Inspiring Motivation

Speaker Highlights

  • Founder and CEO of Sky Internet SA, dedicated to bridging the digital divide.
  • Graduated with honors in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town.
  • Expertise in technology, business management, and social entrepreneurship.
  • Recognized as a thought leader in digital inclusion and social impact.
  • Sought-after speaker at international conferences and community events.

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  • Cape Town, WC

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Lorna Mlonzi is an inspirational entrepreneur who has overcome adversity and transformed woman in the townships.

Lorna Mlonzi is a visionary leader and the Founder and CEO of Sky Internet SA (Pty) Ltd, an innovative Internet Service Provider start-up committed to bridging the digital divide. With a profound mission to transform the lives of individuals in townships, lower income areas, and rural areas, Lorna established Sky Internet SA to make a meaningful impact on South Africa’s digital landscape.

Lorna Mlonzi | Inspiring Motivation


Lorna Mlonzi’s journey as an entrepreneur and social advocate has been defined by her unwavering commitment to leveraging technology for societal advancement. Drawing from her personal experiences and observations, Lorna recognized the profound implications of the digital divide on marginalized communities. Her vision for Sky Internet SA was born out of a deep-seated desire to democratize access to the internet and empower individuals with the tools to thrive in the digital age.

Expertise and Background:

With a background in technology and business management, Lorna Mlonzi brings a wealth of expertise to the forefront of discussions on digital inclusion and socio-economic development. Graduating with honors in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town, she honed her skills in network infrastructure and software development before venturing into entrepreneurship. Lorna’s entrepreneurial journey has been characterized by her ability to envision innovative solutions to complex challenges. Her leadership at Sky Internet SA has propelled the company to the forefront of the industry, earning recognition for its pioneering approach to expanding internet access.

As a speaker, Lorna captivates audiences with her impassioned storytelling and profound insights into the intersection of technology and social impact. Her speaking engagements span a diverse range of platforms, from international conferences to grassroots community events. Lorna’s ability to distill complex concepts into relatable narratives makes her a sought-after thought leader in the fields of technology and social entrepreneurship. Her talks inspire audiences to rethink conventional approaches to digital inclusion and embrace innovative strategies for driving societal change.

As a black woman and a product of the township, Lorna understands first-hand the transformative power of connectivity and how access to the internet can change lives both professionally and personally. She believes that internet access is a crucial tool for transformation and aims to use her company as a vehicle for change.

Under Lorna’s leadership, Sky Internet SA is changing the narrative of how we view our circumstances, spaces, and ourselves.

Through innovative solutions and a commitment to social impact, the company is striving to become a powerful agent of change in South Africa. Lorna’s vision, passion, and commitment are inspiring others to think differently about the role of technology in shaping our future.

On a sunny day in October 2016, Lorna Mlonzi, was shot nine times near her home in Nyanga. The bullets flew into her stomach, side and chest.

“There is a lot of gangsterism in Nyanga,” says Lorna, “It was me being at the wrong place at the wrong time. During that incident, four people died on the scene. I was a bystander. I was walking past while people were shooting each other.”

“I felt a burning sensation in my body. Blood was coming out. The guns were not stopping. It was chaos. I can see people dead. I could see blood everywhere.”

“I thought to myself, okay, so what happens now?”

Lorna had just enough money in her wallet to hire a taxi to take her to ICU. She passed out on the way to Mitchells Plain hospital. The taxi driver thought she was dead so he pushed her out of the vehicle.

“I woke up, and thought ‘great, I’m here’ – then I passed out again.” Lorna Mlonzi woke up three days later in hospital, with the nursing staff wondering how on Earth she had survived.

Why Lorna Mlonzi Should Be Booked:

Event planners seeking a dynamic speaker who can inspire and educate audiences on the importance of digital inclusion and social impact should look no further than Lorna Mlonzi. With her unique blend of expertise in technology and business, coupled with her passion for social justice, Lorna brings a fresh perspective to the conversation. Her talks are not only informative but also transformative, leaving audiences inspired to take action in their own communities.

Lorna’s speaking engagements are characterized by their relevance and impact, making her an ideal choice for events focused on themes such as entrepreneurship, technology, and social innovation. Whether addressing a room of industry professionals or engaging with grassroots activists, Lorna’s message resonates across diverse audiences, sparking meaningful dialogue and driving positive change.

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Summary and Conclusion:

In summary, Lorna Mlonzi’s journey as a visionary leader and social entrepreneur exemplifies the transformative power of technology to drive positive change. Through her role as Founder and CEO of Sky Internet SA, Lorna is reshaping the digital landscape of South Africa, one community at a time. As a speaker, she inspires audiences with her compelling vision for a more inclusive and equitable future, challenging conventional wisdom and sparking meaningful dialogue. Event planners seeking to enrich their events with dynamic speakers who can inspire action and drive impact should look no further than Lorna Mlonzi.

Lorna Mlonzi unpacks the reality of people imposing limitations on themselves, problems with data access in townships and why you should never leave your bright idea sitting on a table like a potato for someone else to cook.

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