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A saxophonist is a dynamic and versatile musician who adds a touch of elegance and creativity to conference meetings through the enchanting sounds of the saxophone.

Their performance creates a sophisticated and engaging atmosphere, making conferences more memorable and enjoyable.

Whether setting the mood during networking sessions, providing interludes between speakers, or delivering a captivating keynote performance, a saxophonist adds a unique auditory dimension to your conference, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Their ability to seamlessly blend genres and adapt to the tone of the event makes them a valuable asset for enhancing the overall conference experience.

Speakers Inc

CODA – Conference Entertainers (say: Ko-da) noun. A section of a movement added at the end to clinch matters or where all significant themes come together. CODA Africa is Zami Mdingi (vocals), Galina Juritz (electric violin), Carol Thorns (electric cello), Judy Brown (sax) and DJ LuvChild. Fronted by powerful vocalist Zami, CODA Africa combines electric strings […]

  • Johannesburg
Speakers Inc

Judy Brown – Conference Saxophone launched her debut album, Liquid Sax at The Grand Daddy Hotel’s Rooftop. I have no doubt that this was the hottest album launch I have ever attended. I would forecast that she is going to be in high demand’ What’s On SA Judy holds a Bachelor of Music degree from UCT, […]

  • Cape Town, WC
Speakers Inc

Vibrant and vivacious, Cathy Del Mei – Conference Entertainer is an exciting saxophonist with years of experience. From hotel lounges to theatre, and from clubs to corporate functions, Cathy has played for prestigious clients and top selling shows. Apart from the sax, Cathy is also a great keyboard player, having played cocktail piano in numerous elite hotels […]

  • Johannesburg

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