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Magicians, the masters of illusion and wonder, are artists who captivate audiences with their mesmerizing performances.

These enchanting individuals possess a unique skill set that combines dexterity, psychology, and showmanship to create moments of pure magic. In conference meetings, magicians can serve as a metaphor for the power of creativity and innovation, demonstrating how the seemingly impossible can be achieved with imagination and skill. Their ability to engage, surprise, and mystify mirrors the goals of successful meetings, where ideas are exchanged, connections are forged, and new possibilities emerge.

Invite a magician to your conference, and watch as they infuse your event with a touch of magic and remind attendees that, like a magician’s tricks, the potential for transformation and growth is always within reach.

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Since a child, David Felix – Conference Magician has been fascinated with magic. Now, he dazzles his audiences consistently. He successfully creates a sense of wonder and amazement in any environment. He has been a resident magician at Carnival City and he has performed for blue-chip companies, events and private functions. David has also been […]

  • Johannesburg
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Born on October 25th 1982 in Cape Town, Larry Soffer childhood dream of becoming a magician has finally become a reality. From a young age, Larry was in awe of David Copperfield’s charisma and showmanship and at the age of 13 years, he enrolled at the College of Magic in Cape Town where he studied […]

  • Cape Town, WC
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Brendon Peel is an extremely versatile and dynamic corporate entertainer who pushes the limit when it comes to reality by creating moments of true magic. His blend of mentalism, magic, and humour is unique and has gained him much respect from his audiences as well as his peers in the industry. At any event he […]

  • East London

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