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Drumming for conference meetings is an innovative and dynamic team-building activity that infuses energy and enthusiasm into corporate gatherings.

In this unique experience, participants come together to play drums and percussion instruments, creating a rhythm that symbolizes unity and collaboration.

This interactive and rhythmic activity promotes several key benefits, including increased engagement, improved communication, and enhanced team dynamics. The act of drumming serves as a metaphor for harmony and synchronization, mirroring the goals of successful teamwork and productive meetings.

Whether utilized as an icebreaker, a team-building exercise, or a stress-reliever during extended conferences, drumming for conference meetings can foster creativity, break down barriers, and inject a sense of excitement into any gathering. It is an excellent way to energize your participants and create lasting memories in a corporate setting.”

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Our brilliant South African Female Drum Tribe deliver a fantastic, high energy show that is the perfect choice of South African entertainment for audiences of all types in any location around the world and is a highly enjoyable cultural performance. The act includes seven extremely talented female drummers who come from a variety of backgrounds […]

  • Johannesburg
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1st Project are South Africa’s pioneer industrial percussion act. By using only drums to create what can be best described as ‘Aggressive Percussion!’ 1st Project has truly made their mark on the entertainment industry, they have continued to captivate audiences around the world with their unique musical style, passion and vigour… The concept behind the […]

  • Johannesburg
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All Women Drumming Marimba and Dance Group Basadi Le Meropa – Conference Entertainers who tell the incredible stories of their lives through drums, dance, marimba and song. Just returned from a successful tour of the Netherlands, this funky, vibey 6-piece drums, dance and marimba group represents the strength, talents and positivity of African women. Dressed in colourful […]

  • Johannesburg

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