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Voice Over

A Voice Over Emcee is a dynamic and engaging professional who adds a captivating auditory dimension to events and presentations.

This versatile individual possesses a rich and expressive voice that commands attention, whether in person or virtually. With the ability to narrate, announce, and guide, a Voice Over Emcee brings life to various occasions, from corporate conferences and product launches to weddings and entertainment shows.

Their warm and authoritative vocal presence not only entertains and informs but also ensures a seamless flow of the event, captivating the audience and leaving a lasting impression.


Gerry Elsdon made a strong impression on the co-host of South Africa’s first Big Brother reality series and as a continuity presenter for M-Net. Gerry Elsdon has a colorful background is a huge understatement! Having been born in District 6, living through the forced removals and Group Areas Act in the Cape in the 80s, […]

  • Johannesburg

Duane Rockwell has been a valued entertainer ever since on the pub and club circuit, in the corporate entertainment arena, hosting at fashion shows, corporate events. Duane made his professional debut when he performed at the National Song Festival in 1989. His musical repertoire includes songs from the ‘60’s right up to the current chart […]

  • Johannesburg
Ursula Chikane - Conference MC

With a captivating blend of elegance, grace, and charm, Ursula Chikane reigns as a prominent figure in the realm of event hosting. Renowned for her illustrious tenure as the face of SABC3’s prestigious magazine program, Top Billing, and her electrifying presence on MTN Gladiators, Ursula, fondly referred to as “Brown Sugar,” exudes charisma and sophistication. […]

  • Johannesburg
speakers inc

Ntsikelelo Mzibomvu is the author of personal development book “Reimagining Myself – A journey of personal transformation and entrepreneurial thinking” and of art coffee table book ”The Path to Great Joy – A collaborative journey through the art and life of visual artist Njabulo Greatjoy Ndlovu” His passion for people development is expressed though his […]

  • Johannesburg

Weza Matomane uses over a decade of experiences he gained working in diverse teams from a plethora of industries to present inspiring thought provoking talks on team leadership, inclusion in the work place, company cultural diversity, individual and team excellence, goal setting and vision alignment, industrial change management and teamwork. He has shared stages with […]

  • Johannesburg

Johannesburg based Zweli Dube is a treasure trove of talent. He is an actor, presenter, voice over artist, performer and MC. Born and raised in Johannesburg, Dube studied Journalism and Media communication at Boston Media House. His studies were however short lived when an incredible opportunity presented itself for him to be part of the […]

  • Johannesburg

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