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A Director Emcee, often known simply as a “Director,” is a dynamic and skilled individual who plays a crucial role in the world of event hosting and management.

This professional takes on the dual responsibilities of a director and an emcee, ensuring that events, shows, or gatherings run smoothly and captivate their audiences.

As a director, their primary objective is to oversee the entire event production process, from conceptualization to execution. They collaborate with event organizers, production teams, and stakeholders to create a coherent and engaging experience. This involves setting the overall theme, selecting appropriate content, and coordinating technical aspects like lighting, sound, and visuals.

Simultaneously, in their role as an emcee, they are the charismatic face of the event, keeping the audience engaged and informed. They have a magnetic stage presence and the ability to improvise, ensuring the event flows seamlessly.

Whether it’s a corporate conference, a live show, or a high-profile gala, a Director Emcee is the driving force behind the scenes and the vibrant host on the stage, making every event memorable and successful.

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Nzinga Qunta is a business news anchor with over a decade of experience in radio and television. She is currently anchoring SABC News’ flagship business news bulletin, OnPoint, where she focuses on the top business news stories from across the world and speaks to a range of decision makers on the top stories of the day. She works on radio on […]

  • Johannesburg

Peter Ndoro has more than 20 years’ radio and television broadcast experience. Prior to having been Anchor and also the Director for Corporate Communications for CNBC Africa, viewers across the continent saw him on SABC Africa presenting a flagship breakfast news programme. He worked for the pay TV Channel M-Net for many years doing entertainment […]

  • Johannesburg
Lerato Ditshego

Lerato Ditshego Emcee Facilitator is a Business Woman and Director of two business, Eccentrics Visual Arts Agency and Rubystone boutique hotel. She is also a Facilitator, Speaker, Content Producer & Host of her own podcast, Braving It. After a fortuitous tenure in the field of marketing, during which Lerato was in the employ of various […]

  • Johannesburg

Vanessa Marawa was the winner of the first season of Survivor South Africa: Panama. She beat Jacinda Louw in the final with a 3-2 jury vote. Vanessa pursued a modeling career in Cape Town, but decided to move back to Durban, where she worked as a real estate agent. She has also worked as a make […]

  • Durban, KZN

Leanne Manas – Conference MC is a multiple-award winning South African TV presenter that has graced our screens for over a decade now available through Speakers Inc. Not many broadcasters can boast having had live TV experience 5 days a week for 12 years … Leanne is a qualified Speech and Drama teacher which she completed through […]

  • Johannesburg

Sisanda Henna is the winner of the 2003 Best Actor in Drama duku duku award, who has acted in more than 35 international and local  film and television productions. Brought up in rural Eastern Cape and an over achiever at school, Henna started out writing and performing comedy skits before landing leading roles in prime […]

  • Johannesburg

Lerato Mbele joined the BBC in 2012. Prior to that, Lerato served as a Senior Business Anchor for CNBC Africa. She hosted a variety of business programs and discussions related to the economics, business strategy, stock markets, entrepreneurship and leadership. Lerato Mbele began her journalism career in 1999 at South Africa’s state-owned broadcaster The South […]

  • Johannesburg

Gerry Elsdon made a strong impression on the co-host of South Africa’s first Big Brother reality series and as a continuity presenter for M-Net. Gerry Elsdon has a colorful background is a huge understatement! Having been born in District 6, living through the forced removals and Group Areas Act in the Cape in the 80s, […]

  • Johannesburg

Duane Rockwell has been a valued entertainer ever since on the pub and club circuit, in the corporate entertainment arena, hosting at fashion shows, corporate events. Duane made his professional debut when he performed at the National Song Festival in 1989. His musical repertoire includes songs from the ‘60’s right up to the current chart […]

  • Johannesburg

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