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Your Next Move


Siphiwe Moyo’s new book, called “Your Next Move” hits the shelves this week.

Career Strategies to Survive and Thrive During Covid-19 and Beyond.

As we all think about our responses to COVID-19, we have to try both offence and defence career strategies to survive. In other words, you need to try and hold on to your current job/business where possible (defence strategies) and try to make some moves such as looking for a new job or starting a new business (offense strategies).

This book is about both. It explores career strategies to survive and thrive during COVID-19 and beyond. The beyond in the title is important. In football, there’s something called transition play. It’s about going from offense to defence – or defence to offense – in the shortest time possible.

Your Next Move

It may look like we will perpetually be on a back foot, absorbing pressure from the pandemic. But that’s not true. This too shall pass. We are not going to be on the back foot forever. We also need offense strategies because transition from defence to offense can happen in seconds.

This book, Your Next Move will give you ideas on how you can do that.

It launched on October 6th and is available at Exclusive Books nationwide.

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