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Earth Day - Is There Any Other Kind?


I think we often need a reminder of our home and our Earth Day.


We have a 24-hour day based on the rotation of our planet, relative to the sun. But it is much more personal than that. The day is also based on our daily perspectives and ways of viewing the day. The world and time all seem, from our perspective, to revolve around us, and usually, we don’t have enough time in one day to do all the things we need to do.


We are so preoccupied with our day that we forget it’s never about us. Earth days are not personal or possessive; they are cycles of life on Earth.


The whole biosphere and all of life on earth is one system – one thing, and we are happening within that system. We are not separate in any way from it, other than through mistaken identity. We build temporary autonomous zones in various biomes of the planet, and this architecture serves to further the illusion of separateness.


There are only Earth days and no other kind.


The earth is having its day on April 22nd.


Earth Day – is there any other kind of day?

If you want to celebrate this day on earth, celebrate it with an immersion in the system of life that you are. Take time to fully realize your inseparability from this whole planet – that “you are”.


If you do something to regenerate a part of this planet, do it as a personal act of self-care, not with some self-aggrandising attitude of ‘saving the planet’ or making your contribution to something other than yourself.


This planet has produced you as a temporary fruit or flower on its surface. It provides all of its own diversity with sustenance, optimal climate, atmosphere, water and minerals in a relational exchange of bewildering complexity and fine balance.


You are an extension of life on earth, a part of the earth; you are the earth developing ways to view itself, the earth becoming self-aware. Your illusion that it’s you; becoming self-aware and aware of your surroundings is something you can mature into through rational thought and logical deduction, as well as intuition, introspection and environmental immersion.


Once you have your first Earth Day as the earth, life in your bag of skin will never seem as separate and fearful again.


You will be able to laugh at your previous immaturity and lack of understanding and start to live in closer alignment with your host planet’s needs and boundaries – realizing that care for the earth is the ultimate self-care.

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