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Amanda Stevens

Tagline: Consumer Futurist

Speaker Highlights

  • 1. Foreseeing Tomorrow’s Trends
    As a consumer futurist, Amanda possesses a unique ability to anticipate emerging trends and shifts in consumer behavior before they become mainstream. Through extensive research, data analysis, and trend forecasting, Amanda provides invaluable insights that enable businesses to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to evolving market dynamics.

    2. Understanding the Modern Consumer
    With a deep understanding of human psychology, cultural influences, and technological advancements, Amanda delves beneath the surface to uncover the underlying drivers behind consumer behavior. By dissecting the motivations, desires, and aspirations of today’s consumers, Amanda helps businesses connect with their target audience on a deeper level and forge meaningful relationships that drive long-term loyalty and success.

    3. Driving Innovation and Creativity
    Amanda’s visionary outlook and creative approach to consumer trends inspire businesses to think outside the box and embrace innovation. By challenging conventional wisdom and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Amanda empowers organizations to break free from the status quo and pioneer new pathways to growth and success.

    4. Navigating Disruption with Confidence
    In an era of rapid technological advancement and digital disruption, businesses face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Amanda serves as a trusted advisor, guiding companies through the complexities of the digital landscape and helping them navigate change with confidence and clarity. By embracing disruption and harnessing the power of emerging technologies, businesses can position themselves for sustainable growth and competitive advantage in the digital age.

    5. Empowering Business Leaders
    Through her insightful keynotes, workshops, and consulting services, Amanda empowers business leaders to unlock their full potential and drive meaningful change within their organizations. By equipping executives with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace, Amanda enables businesses to embrace the future with confidence and seize opportunities for growth and innovation.

    6. Shaping the Future of Business
    As a thought leader and influencer in the field of consumer futurism, Amanda Stevens is shaping the future of business by helping companies anticipate, adapt to, and capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities. By fostering a culture of curiosity, agility, and innovation, Amanda is empowering businesses to not only survive but thrive in an ever-changing world.

Keynote Topics


With consumer expectations changing faster than digital disruption, a shifting landscape requires business owners and marketers to think differently when it comes to brand-building. Now is the time to think differently, to show true business bravery and to think in EPIC terms – not necessarily just in scale but in character.

In this presentation Amanda Stevens outlines a customized blueprint for how any brand can be built to last.


  • The key characteristics of brands built to last
  • Why striving for EPIC has never been more critical a 12-point blueprint for building a EPIC brand
  • Why expertise and thought leadership are more important than your product or service
  • The secrets of creating a brand positioning that captures the hearts and minds of your customers
  • How to create a culture of innovation and make decisions that are insights-driven
  • How to deliver a consistently EPIC experience.


Decoding the science of advocacy, Amanda explores why your existing customer base is possibly the greatest hidden asset in any business and outlines a plan to create a brand that customers willingly and enthusiastically rave about.

Amanda Stevens presents a customized approach for harnessing brand advocacy in a post-digital age and why the combination of high tech and high touch is the next frontier in brand disruption.


  • How to cultivate customer centricity from the inside out
  • Why developing brand advocates is the fastest and most effective way to scale a brand
  • The shift from word-of-mouth to word-of-mouse and the opportunity it presents
  • How to identify the cultivate brand advocates and how to make them multiply
  • The six keys to creating a memorable customer experience worth raving about.


The retail sector is Amanda’s pet passion, Combining the latest research with a proven process for attracting, retaining and maximizing a loyal customer base, Amanda presents a plan for creating a world-class in-store experience and innovative marketing strategies for the modern age.

With passionate and meaningful insights, Amanda Stevens is able to motivate, inspire an invigorate any retail group.


  • The new rules of retail and how to calibrate your brand to maximize profits
  • How to anticipate the changing needs of the retail sector and what it means for all brands
  • The live emerging trends for the retail sector and what it means for all brands
  • The six proven strategies that any retailer can implement immediately for growth
  • How to create a sustainable competitive advantage in a changing retail landscape.

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Travels From:

  • Brisbane, NSW

Fee Range:

  • Fee Range: 100k - 250k


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After wowing audiences in 14 countries for more than a decade on the speaking circuit, Amanda Stevens is regarded as one of the best female speakers in Australia as a Consumer Futurist and Customer Experience Speaker. Entertaining. Inspiring. Humorous. Engaging. Memorable. These are just some of the words used to describe Amanda Stevens, CSP. Her […]

After wowing audiences in 14 countries for more than a decade on the speaking circuit, Amanda Stevens is regarded as one of the best female speakers in Australia as a Consumer Futurist and Customer Experience Speaker.

Entertaining. Inspiring. Humorous. Engaging. Memorable. These are just some of the words used to describe Amanda Stevens, CSP.

Her ability to tailor each presentation and connect with each audience in a uniquely tailored way enables her to deliver powerful messages that provoke, stick and inspire action.

Book Amanda for your next conference or event and you’ll experience impact and value that lasts long after she’s walked off stage.

Amanda’s specialty is the customer experience.

She’s passionate about it, blogs about it and writes books about it. But her approach transcends a one-dimensional customer service message; her content is based on powerful, proven and practical strategies for turning customers into advocates and it can be applied to any industry.

Amanda Stevens is able to customise her approach, tailor her stories and direct her message to meet each individual brief. She can layer in powerful communication messages and deliver lessons that resonate at every level of an organisation.

She’s also able to facilitate workshop discussions integrate interactive team exercises where appropriate. After all, creating brand advocates is a team sport.

Amanda Stevens | The Consumer Futurist

With a double degree in marketing and consumer psychology, Amanda Stevens has authored five books and is highly regarded as a marketing consultant, having been engaged to work with brands such as Microsoft, Westpac, Foxtel, Lend Lease, Priceline, and even advising at the highest levels of Australian politics.

She’s shared the stage with the likes of Sir Bob Geldof, Sir Richard Branson and Condoleezza Rice and has presented for audiences ranging in size from 30 to 3,000 at all levels of business.

With four keynote topics and four workshop options that can be combined to suit your conference theme and unique needs.

Amanda Stevens able to kick off or close any conference with a high energy, entertaining keynote or she can facilitate a structured, tailored workshop for a small leadership group … and anything in between.

Amanda is a Certified Speaking Professional, one of the highest accolades given to a professional speaker by the Professional Speakers Association of Australia.

Travels from: Queensland, Australia

Speaking Fee: excludes travel, accommodation

In-Person: $18,000

Virtual: $9,000

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